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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Holy Ripping Ginter Batman!

   I ran across a decently priced box of 2014 Allen and Ginter on eBay recently, so I picked it up. I figure it was an early birthday present that I paid for with some of the money I've been making lately selling off junk from around the house.

   That box came in yesterday and yielded two of the best hits I've had in a long while. The first hit is a pair of guys well known to me as a Yankee fan. It came three packs into the box and I was absolutely thrilled when I pulled it. I didn't think anything else in the box mattered at this point.

Say hello to Yogi!


 Say hello to Whitey!


After I calmed down a little, my son and I resumed opening up the rest of the packs. About eight packs further in, I pulled a Miguel Cabrera bat card. Nice looking card of a really great player, but nothing out of the ordinary...until I looked at the mini card sitting behind it.

A quick peek at the back shows it as a true 1/1 and Freeman is a great young player!

I am almost hesitant to sell these, as they are really neat cards. However, I don't collect Freddie Freeman and while I am a Yankees fan, the rip card isn't really something I see as a PC item for me. Both have been listed on my eBay account (shameless self promotion there), but feel free to contact me about them if you are interested!

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