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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Basic History of My COMC Experience


   A good while back, I found an amazing site for buying and selling sports cards online. At the time it was known as and I signed up for my first purchases in 2008. A few years later, I began using it as a source to sell cards that I had in my collection. It quickly became my "go to" source for this and I have basically stopped selling items on my eBay account because of the service they provide.


   On eBay, I'm required to do all the work up front. I need to scan, describe the card, and get the listing prepared to sell. On my best days I could rock through maybe 50-100 auctions before my mind began to melt. After the cards sell - I have to package them, print a label, ship them, and then deal with any customer issues as well. I was also paying eBay 10% of the winnings with a further thirty cents and 2.9% of the proceeds headed to Paypal as well.


   The way COMC works, is that they do all of the work to get the card listed and they host it on their site. They charge an up front cost of .25 per card to create the unique spot where your card goes. Each card is separately scanned front and back, so you know exactly what you're getting. If you choose to use the credit you accumulate on the site to purchase new cards (which I often do), there is no fee associated with the sales. If you do need to cash out, they do charge a 20% fee for that. Some people consider it steep, but I still see it as reasonable considering all I do is price the cards. They scan, create a listing, deal with customers, and finally handle the shipping as well. On lower end cards, which make up the majority of my sales, the fees aren't actually a lot different than those I pay on eBay/Paypal.



As of today's blog post, my statistics with COMC are as follows:

Cards Added to Site: 9,607 (Currently 600-700 more being processed)

Cards Purchased: 3,089

Cards Sold: 9,186 for $12,075.40


You can view my cards for sale here: XFactor


I actually sell cards on Amazon through the COMC program as well, though the sales are automatically conducted at 20% off my asking price. So, I actually offer that same 20% discount on all of my cards and will listen to offers a little lower as well. Just depends on what the card is.

Now that I've finished plugging my port, we can move on!

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