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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Been Living Half My Life Living in a Flipper's Paradise...

Wow...almost six months since my last post. It's not for a lack of post worthy events or happenings. I've just been too darn busy at work and home to be able to sit down and do this on a regular basis. 


I have a little time tonight, so I thought I'd talk about flipping on COMC. Hopefully you caught the musical reference in the post title...and hopefully by now your humming that catchy Coolio hit from the 1990s.


One thing I have been doing a lot lately is buying cards on COMC with the sole intent of "flipping" or selling for a profit. Here is a recent example of a nice flip I made:


I picked this one up for $9.00 after doing a little research on sales. It's a gorgeous patch and a decent prospect. I thought it was well worth the risk. Three days later I sold it for $14.87, a nice $5.87 profit. Not all the flips work that well, but I find nice deals like this and see room for profit a few times a week. I always get pumped when it works out like this.


Flipping on the site is the easiest transaction, but I also buy cards to ship from COMC to sell myself. In the last two weeks, I picked up a handful of cards and realized the following successes;


Card A - Purchased for $15.00 sold for $25.00


Card B - Purchased for $15.00 sold for $30.00


Card C - Purchased for $8.50 sold for $14.99


Card D - Purchased for $6.67 sold for $18.00


I still have a small bunch of cards from that group up for sale - shouldn't have a problem moving them with Spring Training in it's early stages.

My tips for flipping:


1 - Do a little research before you buy. Sometimes I get all excited about a low numbered parallel or autograph of a minor star. A quick check on sale prices and you may see that there is little interest in the player. So you may end up with a dud that sits in your port and you eventual have to sell off for a loss.


2 - Be patient. Some cards sell very quickly and others need a little more time before you realize a profit.


3 - Popular players and sets are great targets. Everyone loves certain sets and certain players sell no matter what (Jeter, Trout, etc.)


4 - Make sure you are in Advanced Mode as a buyer/seller on COMC (under your Profile & Options category in the dashboard). Going to advanced mode means you don't pay the shipping (.25) on cards you plan to flip.


Hopefully the next post comes sooner than my last one!

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